Elegance, Femininity, and Sass


This is what Saint AJ is all about.


Made for, and inspired by women who are unafraid to take risks, forge her own way and embrace a bit of adventure.


She’s a modern woman.


We see her sitting at a corner café in a little town in France, sipping on a vino under the Tuscan sun, lazing on a boat off the Amalfi Coast or zipping past on a Vespa in Spain. 


She’s the type of girl who turns heads without even trying; she’s just so effortlessly herself. 





Saint AJ debut collection is cultivated on the principles of confidence, femininity, and individuality.


Étoile filante: translation: shooting star

Is a carefully curated collection of unique and feminine pieces that really express what Saint AJ is all about.


Made up of beautiful silk pieces, you will need these items in your own collection asap.



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